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Welcome to GloDerMail.asp, a form processing script for ASP.

GloDerMail has the following functionality:-

  1. It will e-mail the results of a completed HTML form to an e-mail address you can specifiy.
  2. It will check for required fields, and send the user to an error page if these are not completed
  3. It will check for a valid e-mail address and send the user to an error page if the e-mail address is not in a recognised format.
  4. It will send the user to a "thank you" page if they complete the form.
  5. It will auto send a "thank you" e-mail to the user.

All these functions can be turned off if required.

GloDerMail works with several different e-mail components.

GloDerMail for CDONTS (The standard NT/2000 e-mail Component)

Download here.

GloDerMail for ASPMail

Download here.

If you require GloDerMail for a different e-mail component we would be happy to develop it for you, please e-mail us with your requirements.