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What We Do

GloDerWorks provides design consultancy and services to individuals, commercial clients, and not-for-profit organizations. Our objective is providing premium service that is second to none. Whether you require a small site to establish your Web presence or a custom-built database driven site, we listen to and meet your needs.


GloDerWorks was founded by it's two principles, Gloria Hansen and Derry Thompson. After working together on an ad hoc basis on numerous projects, they recognized that the sum of their skills exceeded that of their parts and so formalized the relationship.

The Principles

Gloria Hansen

Gloria is a Mac geek, avid Photoshop user, and an award-winning quilt artist whose work appeared in various books, magazines, and on television. She studied graphic arts, photography, and creative writing, has a degree in applied sciences, is certified in Web design and production, and has been involved with computers since the late 1980s. Gloria authored or co-authored 14 books on Internet topics and quilting/computer design. Her eclectic work background includes freelance writing for various publications, self-publishing patterns, and working as a paralegal and manager for a Mac-based lawfirm for more than a decade, in which she maintained the firm's Apple computers and provided all software training. Gloria also has lectured on Internet and computer design topics since the mid-90s. She continues freelance writing, wedding and event photography, and is the art/media consultant for The Parkinson Alliance.

Derry Thompson

Derry has been programming and working with computers most of his adult life. Originally trained as a graphic designer he started tinkering with programming in the early days of the microcomputer revolution. With the arrival of computer based graphic design and publishing, he found his skill sets ideally placed. Derry published one of the first Macintosh produced publication in the UK, which received several DTP awards. Throughout the 80s & 90s, he worked extensively in the graphics and pre-press arena and was a founder member of Apple UK's Pre-Press council. He published his first web site in 1996 (for his local soccer club) and since then has worked in both Europe and the USA designing and building web sites for clients. An avid Mac user, he can be found in various airports using his Titanium G4 Powerbook. He continues to publish scripts and beta test software.